Home is more than a place.
It is a feeling.


Potsdam's „Neue Liebe“: A tribute to the city with its famous gardens. And your new home.

Eight town villas featuring classic-modern architecture, with lovingly designed gardens as their centrepiece, these are what form the “Neue Liebe” ensemble.

Potsdam: a place of desire.

World-famous castles, top-class cultural institutions, the lively city and picturesque lakes - Potsdam's many facets are enchanting. Only a few minutes away from Belvedere am Pfingstberg and Jungfernsee, this is where "Neue Liebe" is being created.

Sunshine in your heart.
And up on the roof terrace.

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New love, new privileges.

Any resident of "Neue Liebe" will quickly get to know the pleasant aspects of this new life - and will never want to be without them again.

Home living: an affair of the heart.

The wide "Neue Liebe" floor plans lend the light-flooded rooms naturalness and a sense of well-being. The interplay of generous interior spaciousness, familiar details and beautiful materials creates a cozy flair in a unique home.

meets the Modern.

Impressive suburban villas shape the face of Potsdam. "Neue Liebe" continues this tradition. Carefully designed features, balconies and loggias create a varied overall appearance and convey a sophisticated flair. Here you can enjoy the feeling of having arrived, each and every day.

A great love for
the small details.

In our homes we want high-quality furnishings that convey a feeling of security and calm. “Neue Liebe” also features solid wood floors and stoneware tiling that radiate warmth and naturalness.